Dino Baffetti - Castelfidardo Italy

Dino Baffetti was born in Castelfidardo, internationally renowned as the "homeland" of the accordion. The accordion: a musical instrument that we know and love, that we have built for generations, with our hands, our souls, our hearts.

Baffetti accordions has progressed: in its product range, in the distribution department, in customer service, in research and future development. It has undergone modernisation regarding production technology, without neglecting the special quality that has made their name known worldwide.

The complete product range is handmade by master craftsmen who use extreme precision, care for detail and finish according to tradition. This guarantees the excellent quality of our products.

Baffetti accordions do not only stand out for their technical perfection, but also for their acoustics and aesthetics, features that remain unaltered through time - they represent a benchmark in reliability.

Proof of their success: the best and most demanding musicians choose Dino Baffetti accordions

Quality Professional and Opera Cassotto Accordions

Retail store is by appointment only (Monday to Saturday)
Tel: 416.419.7246

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Updated May 2012