Caringi Accordion House also offers fine quality electronic keyboards and midi sound equipment.

XM800 Orchestra Module

The versatility you want to play and have fun.

The XM800 Orchestra Module is one of the latest development of ORLA's philosophy. Fantastic sampled sounds and professionally produced accompaniment styles are combined with a very easy to use control panel.

Throw away that cumbersome rack of modules, the new Ketron X4 provides an integrated and fully relational synthesizer module all in a single compact unit.

By using industry standard MIDI as the primary interface, the Ketron X4 can be used with the huge range of MIDI keyboards, accordions, guitars, wind controllers, and of course, computers. Once connected, to a MIDI controller the X4 takes care of all the various elements used in the production of music: a stunningly realistic Sound generation, Realtime Arranger, Sampler, Sequencer module, 2 multiple function DSPís, Microphone input, 4 assignable audio outputs, Hard Disk , Vocalizer and Video interface options for karaoke.

The most compact and complete Professional MIDI Interface


Solid state contact system,eliminates all the noisy and false contact problems frequently caused by wear and dirt in a traditional contact system, without altering the sensitivity of the keyboard.

  • Both Timbre and Volume DYNAMICS controlled by movement of the bellows in the same way as the traditional accordion reeds.
  • Two polyphonic channels for the right hand.
  • Transmits on all 16 MIDI channels, five of which can be active simultaneously.
  • Selection of sounds by means of the General MIDI command up to a maximum of 16,384 selectable sound banks with the CC0 and CC32 control keys for a total of 2,097,152 sounds.
  • The MIDI channel of any section can be set to 'OFF'.
  • Can deactivate the Program Change and Volume commands in any of the five sections.
  • Can memorize up to 130 different performances, each with a different MIDI channel in each section, DUE POLYPHONIC PRESETS for the Right Hand, a BASS PRESET, a CHORD PRESET, PROGRAM CHANGE, the OCTAVE for each preset, the VOLUME and the RHYTHM with its tempo setting.
  • Rapid recall of 25 Preferred Performances (in 5 banks) with one key while playing.
  • Start/Stop functions with Drum Tempo indication.
  • Up/ Down functions for Program Changes and Performances.
  • Right Hand volume control by means of pedal (supplied).
  • PITCH BEND function (optional)

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Updated November 2012